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Are Arc Flash incidents more likely at HV or LV?

Electrical Safety UK Limited excellently summarised their research and sharing the following findings:

- The risk of arc flash incidents is higher at low voltage (LV) than at high voltage (HV).

- LV circuits possess higher average incident energy and harbour a greater number of "high" incident energy circuits compared to HV.

This highlights the importance of stringent safety protocols and advanced PPE for electrical personnel engaged with LV equipment. The need for heightened awareness and effective measures becomes even more critical as they face more frequent exposure to potential arc flash hazards. Stay protected, stay informed!

Many of our followers will have extensive experience with both HV and LV works, so do share your views and experience with us!

Our AHP001 and AHP002 Arc Flash coveralls carry an impressive Elim value of 9.4cal/cm2 and ATPV of 10cal/cm2.

Source article: Is The Biggest Risk Of Arc Flash At High Voltage Or Low Voltage? (

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