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An Arc Flash is a dangerous electrical explosion that occurs when electricity surges through the air due to a fault in the electrical system. For example, when a wire makes contact with an earthed system. Temperatures at the source of an arc flash can reach a crazy 20,000 °C! We know, it is almost hard to fathom!

Arc flashes pose significant risks, including severe burns, blast injuries, and even fatalities! The heat can melt metal and start fires, while the pressure wave can cause physical harm and equipment damage.


Arc flash incidents can occur due to equipment failure, lack of maintenance, accidental contact with live parts, or human mistakes. To reduce the risks, electrical workers use safety measures and protective gear like arc-rated clothing, gloves, and face shields. They also follow specific guidelines, such as the NFPA 70E standard, according to which arc-rated protective clothing is required whenever there is possible exposure to an electric arc flash above the 1.2 calories per centimetre squared per second threshold.


PPE and arc flash clothing should be the last line of defence against these hazards after the risk has been minimised as much as possible through appropriate health and safety measures. Predict, Prevent, Process, Protect is the ultimate shield and it is always a good idea to consult with a safety expert for specific advice. 


Arc flash coveralls are like super suits that help protect you from dangerous electrical surges and explosions. Here are some of their powers:

1. Don't burn: Our coveralls are made from specialised materials that can handle extreme temperatures. The coveralls have also been tested for limiting flame spread in case of exposure. This gives you an added layer of protection to avoid being seriously burned if there's an electrical explosion, called an arc flash.

2. Anti-static: Our coveralls are certified electrostatic dissipative protective clothing. When used correctly and as part of a total earthed system, they help avoid incendiary discharges.

3. Safety first, second and last: Wearing Arc flash coveralls is compulsory on some tasks. It's not just a fashion choice; it's the law! By following safety rules, you help create a safer place to work. 


4. Bold, Bright and SEEN: These coveralls come in bright colours like florescent orange or yellow, with reflective strips. That means you'll be easy to spot, even in dim lighting or busy areas. The AHP001-101 is in rail spec orange and certified to RIS-3279-TOM.


5. Superb comfort: Our coveralls are safe, practical and extremely comfortable. The ergonomics have even been tried, tested and endorsed by an external body to ensure safety is not compromised by our design.


It is vital to have the correct ARC flash coveralls and PPE for your specific needs and required level of protection, so always follow safety guidelines. With all bases checked, you can feel safe and secure at work. 

Any coveralls/PPE are always the last lines of defence. Be sure to have the right level of shielding for your task, seek advice from your health and safety leads and carry out your risk assessment. 


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